Why this movie…

We propose you the most important cultural projectof the Aromanians from all the world: the first feature film in the Aromanian language, entitled “I’m not famous, but I’m Aromanian”. It is a profound Aromanian story with, and about Aromanians, which will be filmed in Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania and the U.S.

The Aromanians have so far published books of poetry and prose, scientific books, have released music albums and have staged plays in their language. We have found uourselves in these artistic expressions and we have enjoyed it, but now it’s time to give something back to our culture, under the shape of one of the most complex and expressive of arts – cinematography. A film that can bring all Aromanians together. In order to reach our purpose, Aromanian associations from all over the world have promised us their support.

This project involves young and creative Aromanians, working in various fields and with different social status, who want to bring their culture to another level through a film they can find themselves in, wherever they are. It is an ambitious project, that is likely to bring great satisfaction to all those who support it .

Successful projects require the support of successful people. Given that Aromanians are known to be successful business people, we hope they will support our project and help us make a memorable film.

12 reasons to support this film:

  • Innovation – This will be the first Aromanian feature film;
  • Uniqueness – An original and exciting story;
  • Visibility – Offers visibility to the ones who offer support;
  • Knowledge – The most efficient way for Aromanians to make their culture, that is more than 2000 years old, known;
  • Networking – Through partnerships is created a cohesion between the communities of Aromanians around the world (Greece, Romania, Rep. Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania and even U.S.A, Australia, France);
  • Tradition – Presents Armânamea and the Aromanian spirit as it is;
  • History – If the first images recorded in the Balkans, made by Manakia brothers, were presenting the archaic life of Aromanians, this first feature film will be a bridge between the past, the present and the future of Aromanians;
  • Quality – The cast, the original script and the directing manner are likely to ensure the success of this project;
  • Professionalism – The project team consists of professionals, young enthusiastic and talented Aromanians from various work fields;
  • Development – Present networks between Aromanians will benefit by knowledge in a new field and connections between specialists will be created in different fields (cinematography, marketing, project management, graphics, IT, music, advertising etc.);
  • Public – We have a clear target audience, the Aromanians, whom we owe so much, and also a larger audience who loves cinema (the movie will be subbed in Romanian and English);
  • Advertising – In high professional circles, by the film’s screening at national and international events (festivals, conferences, workshops etc.)